Female Fronted: Proper Gnar

Female skateboarders deserve more attention. Proper attention. Same goes for females in the similarly male-oriented world of streetwear who have the drive to make a name for themselves and the ambition to release their work for the world to judge. That being said,...

Crafted By Hand: Hunt Skateboards

When you think of old school-styled cruiser boards made in Australia, it’s tough not to have the name Penny come to mind. However, the crew behind Victoria-based, Hunt Skateboards has a completely different project on their hands that combines modern versatility with...

Wear & Tear: Houkie Skateboard Shoe Protector

Words by Daniel Fedkenheuer As a contributor to the skateboarding world still attempting to grow within the industry, I reach out to a number of riders, company owners and brand associates on a daily basis. In the myriad of replies and declines I tend to sift through,...

Noteworthy: Alternative Longboards

Words and Photos by Daniel Fedkenheuer Working at a skate shop in Southern California is an experience that truly makes a person realize how much of an epicenter the area is for skateboarding and longboarding. The amount of figures in the industry that flock to Los...

FTC: Zombie Hawgs Wheel Review (Video)

From The [cw] Community: Thanks to Nate Braks for submitting an awesome review of the Clear Zombie Hawgs wheels with some buttery slides from Boardworks Tech Shop team rider Ben Bartlett. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDbD__mzCM0 Boardworks Tech Shop...

New! Submit Your Posts to Be Featured!

Well, we're back from Hiatus!  We've been in the lab, not so much with a pen and a pad, but with some good things cooking, and some major changes coming up (stay tuned for an upcoming post).  But, until then we have an awesome new addition to...

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Heal Fast, Candy!

Last week I received one of the most distressing texts ever. It was sent by Dan Gesmer, founder of Seismic and he gave me the tragic news that Candy Dungan, our associate editor had hit the guardrail during a run in Colorado Springs. I called Dan immediately and found...

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More on Woodshops

A few weeks ago we did a story on what to look for (and to avoid) when it comes to choosing a woodshop. We know there are many folks out there who are very interested in starting up their own deck company. We heard from Mike Mahoney of Savvy Cycles and founder of...

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Swap Meet Toronto – No. 11

The 11th annual Swap Meet held at Roarockit is coming up fast. #SWAP11 happens on Sunday April 8, same place, same time as always. For those who don't know the exact address, it's 880 Millwood Avenue in Toronto. Temperatures are slowly warming up here Hogtown. The fun...

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Not for Profit

A quick glance over at Amazon USA and you can get into a longboard for $29.99 YIKES! (just kidding about the roll over image part!) And here's something else to consider - FREE SHIPPING How the F**K does this even work? Shipping has to cost something. A big box like...

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