Hello Cory, 

We have been following you for a long time now and we have always loved your style and bag of tricks. It’s been 5 years since you got on the cover of CW and we have 4 questions for you:


1- Why did you start skateboarding ?

My older brother and I both did BMX and he wanted to get out of it and start skateboard so naturally little brother tagged along.


2- How do you feel before a run in a competition?

I try not to over think anyone one trick, just clear my head and let it happen.


3- How do you keep yourself focus ? 

You’ve got to just love skateboarding itself, then you don’t have to worry about focus to much, things will happen when the time is right.




4- What is your best skateboarding memory?

There is no stand out moment for me or prize yet that has a defining impact, it’s just everything about skateboarding, its my escape and some of my best times have just been small sessions with friends.


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