Georgia is a country located in the Caucasus high mountains and it’s on the border of Europe and Asia. The population of the country is nearly 4.5 million people. Georgia has a high potential to be the longboarding spot in Eastern Europe, because all the roads go through the amazing mountain ranges and it’s a great pleasure to go longboarding on such places with such views. Want more proof? Take a peek at this:A longboarder's paradise.In previous years Georgia was under restrictions from the Soviet Union. Every kind of activity and every kind of new idea were prohibited and that’s the reason why this country is less developed in social affairs and activities. But things are changing.There's a lot of stoke in Georgia!Nowadays, Georgian people are oriented to development, to something new. They want to change conditions and want to think about evolution of  ideas and community.  Creating some kind of activities/sports events took part some years ago. People care about environment and charity.The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi.The organization ,”Step Up Georgia” is based on three main niches: Extreme Sports, Ecology and Charity. “Step Up” always tries to do more new events that are not created/held yet. They try to develop kind of sports without any profits. One of the goals of the organization is developing Longboarding Community in Georgia. “Step Up” has made two Longboarding Mass events, One Longboarding Festival and some longboarding riding tours in beautiful parts of Georgia.A small but growing scene.If we look back about 3 years ago, we can’t see the community. We can’t see even Longboarders in Georgia! But today they are highly developed. Georgia has Longboarding Lovers Community Group with 250 members in it and most of them are interested in that activity.  They try their best to get more people interested in it.So Georgia needs more interested youth people in youth affairs, in activities, in kind of extreme sports, they need some kind of goals, interest and support and after everything written up there, more and more events, Mass gathering events and even sliding tours will be managed and held in that amazingly beautiful small country of caucasian mountainous system.The next generation.For more information on Step Up Georgia, please email Giorgi here: