In what can only be the year’s greatest irony, China, the official country of hoverboard production has now banned the devices. Don’t believe me? Check this article out.New York City also decided they wanted no part of the hoverboard experience and officially banned them earlier this year.While the world currently contends with exploding batteries in phones, last years hoverboard explosions seem like a distant memory. But not too distant…  Although hoverboard riders will now get a taste of what skaters have been dealing with for decades there are a few major differences. Firstly, can you imagine a skateboard that was advertised like this?Next up is the concept of exercise and the fact skateboarding can actually burn a significant amount of calories. You can visit this website and do the math. Sure, hoverboards do provide a workout for your calves but not much else.  So yeah, It’s pretty easy to rag on hoverboards. But I have never publicly commented. Until now. They are an easy target and truthfully, I tend to focus on the positive. But something caught my eye at my local mall the other day and I felt it necessary to get it off my chest. Have a peek at this: Can you imagine a skate shop CHARGING to try out a skateboard? Maybe this is reverse psychology but I cannot for the life of me understand how you can charge a customer to DEMO a freakin’ hoverboard.If anyone in the hoverboard world can explain this to me, I am all ears. Meanwhile, I am going on YouTube and enjoying the hoverboard experience from the safety of my home: More shenanigans below: Please, hoverboard prospects. Save your money and your health and go purchase a skateboard.