What a summer!  Over here on the “beast coast” and the tri-skate area, the longboard scene is picking up steam and gaining speed. Although a couple of events were cancelled, the longboard community is growing and the talent is showing. As we roll on forward more and more events are on the rise.

   Anyone who takes the time and dedicates themselves to hosting an event should be revered in our community. The logistics to host a city approved event are mind numbing and, most certainly,  frustrating for the host. The same goes for the smaller outlaw events which are the bread and butter for most emerging longboarders and a place where the competitive spirit is mildly on hold, friendships are forged and talent improved.

   One of the areas legendary hosts, Adam Dabonka, is familiar with both roads. The founder and force behind Major Stokem and a wide range of outlaw events, Adam started the summer off on Skate Day in mid- june with “the 5 Bomber”.  What a great night ! Oh yes, I forgot to mention, it started at mid-night with a “ Dirty Start”. A push race through NYC streets from Central Park  to Washington Square Park. Even better was his “Roots Session” in Oakland N.J., another epic event with a lot more speed.   Around mid-July, Aaryn Scott Davis and Michael Avery Simmons hosted a largely attended event called The Dunston Avenue Slidejam in Queens N.Y. This event was lit from start to finish. When up to 70 longboarders attack a Queens hill all day long and no cops respond to that event, its not only a success, its miraculous. Aside from being of great talent themselves, Aaryn and Mike brought together many of the areas best. About a week later in Paramus, N.J. Carlo Domenico Castoro hosted the first “Diablo Sesh”, another big day of speed and sliding.    As many of us know, August starts with Central Mass. Sadly, I was unable to attend because of a responsibility to an unrelated convention in San Diego. This certainly balanced out missing Central Mass. Naturally, I packed my gear and pre-arranged a visit to ‘Blacks’ where i was met with locals, Anthony Pilpa and Richie lee Hernandez. As if the scenic beauty wasn’t enough, I had all I could do from picking my jaw from the floor watching Pilpas’ and Hernandez’ super lit and steazed out style. These guys scream SoCal and Pro. I really owe them and the other locals a debt of gratitude for their spirit and hospitality.   Back to New York, where August had no shortage of events in the tri-skate area. You could take your pick from the ‘Nitro-slide jam, the ’Newton- slide jam or the ‘Battle of the Boroughs’. If you were looking for an event, you would find one.    As the sun begins its slow creep south across the horizon each day at dusk we are reminded that we draw closer and closer to the end of another summer. The weather will get more frigid, the leaves will fall and snow will eventually cover the roads but in the tri-skate area, because of the few who make an event available, we will skate regardless.  So give thanks to all those cats   that take the time to make it happen. There is, most certainly, no financial gain in hosting an event but if you measure wealth in smiles and good vibes then you are rich beyond imagination. Thanks to all the Bro’s that make it happen.