I view Concrete Wave as a worldwide community made up of a variety of different type of skaters. Sure, there maybe some on the right, and some on the left. Some are new to this, some are skategeezers. Some are freestylers others only do slalom or just ride longboards. What unites us all is a love of skateboarding. This camaraderie is a cornerstone of the philosophy of Concrete Wave. I strive to foster a climate of inclusiveness within skateboarding and I will never waiver from this message. November issue sneak peek!With that in mind, our latest edition features a female rider – Emma Daigle of Kebbek Skateboards. We’re proud to have her on the cover. Going forward, females will be on 50% of all future covers. There are some who will question this decision. They’ll wonder, “why put so much attention on a market that makes up less than 15% of all skaters?” My answer is simple – skateboarding is TOO good to be kept as mostly a male enterprise. Back in the mid to late 70’s, when females were encouraged to be a part of skateboarding, it had over 20 million participants in the USA. This is over THREE times what we currently have. Purely from an economic perspective, adding an additional 10 million female skaters worldwide would boost things tremendously.