BOARD MEETING – THE ROAD TRIP STARTS NOWIt’s Board Meeting Weekend. If you live in Buffalo, Kingston, Ottawa, Detroit, Rochester or Montreal you are less than a five hour drive from Toronto. There are thousands of skaters in these towns that would absolutely be amazed at the pure stoke that this incredible event generates. If you’ve never experienced the Toronto Board Meeting, now is your chance!The fun starts with a premier of Lost In Havana on Thursday night at the Tranzac Club. The club is located at 292 Brunswick Avenue and the film screens at 9pm. On Friday there is a meetup with Billy Bones and Steve Vera at Longboard Haven down at 189 Queen Street. On Saturday the actual Board Meeting takes place. Get down to Yonge and St. Clair before 4pm and follow the skaters to the nearby David Balfour Park.Then, get ready to experience something truly unique in the world of skateboarding.The Toronto Board Meeting is NOT a race. It’s simply a great way to share the joy of riding with hundreds of like-minded people. It never fails to put smiles on people’s faces – both riders AND crowds who stare in disbelief at the site of Yonge Street taken over. The afterparty takes place at 9pm back at the Tranzac Club and Sunday is always followed by a slide session at the Poop Chute.What the heck is the Poop Chute? It’s a nice piece of road located near a waste treatment facility.It’s easy to get to – just park your car at 11 Redway Road (next to the Loblaws) and you’ll find the hill