What is it about long distance skateboarding that gets you fired up?I grew up street skating in the 80’s and 90’s as a kid. I always felt a personal connection with my skateboard, whether I was pushing around town to skate spots or shredding in a skate park with friends. I always got this unexplainable feeling of freedom on the skateboard. As I got older the short board was put away and I stopped skating. I joined the Military and after that became a firefighter. Then all of a sudden in my mid 30s I discovered the Longboard and instantly fell in love with it. The nostalgia and feeling I use to get as a kid riding my skateboard all returned to me.Pushing hard on the Chief Lagida Trail. I used my longboard every day to commute around Miami Beach and was approached one day by another longboarder who told me they where hosting the first every outlaw push race “South Beach Bomb”. I entered that event and won it. I was hooked! I looked for other races and found the Skate IDSA was the sanctioning body for legit organized races and started competing. Competition and love for riding got me in shape but I realized that distance skating was bringing so much more to my life that just that.  There was mental and spiritual aspect to it all and it came in my life at the right time. I found that skating distance gave me time to think, disconnect and meditate. It was the perfect recipe for getting the stress out of my life in a healthy way. The last thing that really gets me fired up is the friendships and people I have met doing this sport. I away said that the recipe that makes up a Distance Skater is 1 part Skater, 1 part Athlete and 1 part free spirit hippy. So the pusher you meet out there are very cool and influential to say the least. Video from CNN profile:Andy in his CNN interview. What is some of your advice for those skaters intrigued by what you do but are a little overwhelmed?So first off I would tell them to just come out to the event and have fun. Experience it, take it all in and ride to your hearts content. The only pressure at 24 Hour Ultra Skate is the pressure you put on your self. Pick an easy goal like making 100 Mile Club or the 150 Mile Club and grow from your experience. NEVER BE AFRAID TO FAIL! The best lessons in life are from the ones you did not accomplish. Its makes it that much sweeter when your get determined and come back stronger next year.  It shows you that you worked hard and eared it. How the hell did you skate over 300 miles in 24 hours? I mean that’s not human, is it?!My peers starting calling me “La Maquina” The Machine, due to my uncanny ability to hold the same pace from start to finish in a 24-hour event.  But I hurt, tire and cry like any human during this endeavor. It’s all just happening on the inside. I truly thought that the 300-mile barrier would not be broken for a few more years. I have set the 24-hour record for the last 4 years and I felt I was reaching my limits at 285 miles. I was sure that one of the “Youngblood’s” as I call the next generation of Distance Skaters, would reach it in a few years because they are growing and pushing this sport by leaps and bounds. But to my astonishment this year we did the unthinkable and 3 riders surpassed the 300-mile mark. Eric “Danger” Palmer hit 305.1 in Miami Ultra. Rick “The Dutch Destroyer” Pronk completed 307.3 at the Dutch Ultra this summer and I currently hold the World record at 309.5 in 24 hours.To put it in perspective, you have to skate at 13 miles an hour non-stop for 24 hours to hit those distances. And some how we pull it off. If anyone is interested in checking out the world rankings for all the 24 hour ultras that happen around the world head over to Pavedwave.org and check it out. We call Pavedwave the bible of Distance Skating and if you hit the 200-mile club in a sanctioned Ultra you get ranked. Tell us the craziest experience you’ve had while pushing in an ultra marathon.Truthfully the craziest stuff in Ultra goes on between you ears. Its just as much a mental endeavor as it is a physical one.  Somewhere around the 18th hour when it’s the darkest and hardest part of the night you mind will start to mess with you. The skeletons come out of the closet in the forms of self-doubt, questions of why, and the thoughts of just quitting. Your mind will tell you anything it can to try and convince you to stop. So battling your mind along with exhaustion and sleep deprived hallucinations can really bring you to tears. But if you stay the course, dig deep within yourself and find the resolve to make it to sunrise the next day, the Sun rays peeking over the horizon will melt all those emotions away and you’ll realize nothing but glory awaits when the clock strikes 24 hours and you have eared your passage as an Ultra Skater! Next up: the 2017 Ultraskate in Miami.