By now, some of our readership is waking up to the fact that we’ve published two covers for this fall issue. Mea culpa. I have to admit, I couldn’t make up my damn mind.I really dig the Chad Thomas photo of three skaters at the Clairemont Skatepark engaging in a pretty intense race. Andy MacDonald definitely has his game face on! I’d like to thank our art director Stacy Lowery for ingeniously creating a different look for our masthead logo. Smaller is better in this case and it allows readers to see more. At the same time, I really love pumptracks and I felt that the largest (to date in the USA) merited a cover.Who wouldn’t want this in their hometown! It’s a fantastic shot taken by a drone. With the sun setting, the place looks even more alluring.  Subscribers will wind up with of the two covers and most shops will get a mix too. Collectors will be furious with me. But fair warning…this is not the first time we’ve done two covers and it probably won’t be the last. We’ll never repeat what we did a few years ago with MULTIPLE different covers. Promise.