Several weeks ago we received an email from Arnab Raychaudhuri of Board Up. He explained that his company had developed a folding longboard. As you can imagine, we were quite intrigued by this concept. It’s not the first time this has been tried, but there is no doubt this product looks promising.  What’s the history of this product how did it come to be?
Arnab: My partner Bin, saw his son struggling to carry around his long board. As a veteran engineer he went to work building a board that is portable and rides like a long board. 

Some would say mini cruisers have taken over the longboard market why the need for a fold-up longboard?
Cruisers are great, but they are still too large. BoardUp offer customers a true longboarding experience, allowing boarders to surf the streets, and folds it up under a desk, or in stows in backpacks.What kind of Interest have you been getting from consumers?
We’ve been getting a lot of interest from Urban commuters that want a better alternative than biking to work. We will launching our board on Kickstarter on October 25.

When the skateboard folds and is laid out are there any problems with things like stress fractures?
We built the folding hinge mechanism with aircraft grade aluminum, so it can handle over 400lbs. We’ve also tested the hinge and the weight capabilities over 18,000 times. We’ll post a video with Aaron Kyro and his two friends on the board at the same time!
  When the board is folded up how small is it?
The exact dimensions are coming soon.
 Visit the website here