Magnectic Ghost is the collection of tracks from Minneapolis based writer/musician Andy Larson. He’s latest offering “Loss Molecules” feels like a trip through a dessert wasteland, while on acid. With a variety of sounds from a wide array of instruments (all played by Andy) these tracks have a cohesive flow while still maintaining their individuality -you won’t feel like you’re listening to the same track over and over.

 I did hear some early R.E.M. influence as well as a little Beatles in there, in addition to some nods to classical guitar works from 50-60 years ago. The use of the Baritone guitar reminds me a bit of Sgt. Peppers, which you just don’t hear much of these days and that is cool with me.

 Some of the tracks do run on a bit and there’s an overall feel of melancholy but this man has some serious talent. If you appreciate skilled acoustic guitar work and older alternative music you will most likely enjoy “Loss Molecules” by Magnetic Ghost.


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