Bryan Deister “Spines of the Heart” 

Bryan Deister is an ‘experimental’ electronica musician out of Redondo Beach, Ca., his latest release “Spines of the Heart” at first seems familiar. A watered-down Radio Head is the first thought that will likely pass through your mind while listening. There is a slightly haunting theme throughout ‘Spines’ but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I should just cut out the middleman and listen to “Pablo Honey”.


Track five titled “Silent Screams” had a nice groove to it and some decent guitar sections and as the tracks continued, so did the not quite Radio Head theme continued, mixed with some Cure. In the end,  “Spines of the Heart” doesn’t feel genuine; like trying to be angst ridden versus actually surviving a traumatic event or childhood and writing about the experience.


Ultimately you are the best judge of what you like. We encourage our readers to give a listen and leave a comment letting us know what you think. Thanks for reading (& listening), see you here next time.