Chameleon Technology “Blank Canvas”



Chameleon Technology (Cham Tech) is actually just one man (a very talented man) by the name of Max Histrionic, out of Costa Mesa, Ca. His latest Ep “Blank Canvas” is a fun ride all the way through. The first track “No Safe Word” has some chunky bass lines while the second “Serin’s Vending” is reminiscent of Dead Kennedys and Fugazi while still retaining an original feel.


The bass guitar work alone on “Blank Canvas” is enough for me to give Cham Tech the two thumbs up. Additionally, the guitars, vocals and production quality are all on point. The issue with this EP is it’s over too soon; I had to spin it again.


 Ultimately you are the best judge of what you like. We encourage our readers to give a listen and leave a comment letting us know what you think. Thanks for reading (& listening), see you here next time.