SakkieFTW is a dub-step/electronic artist from Vancouver, B.C. and has just released his second EP “Wasteland”. This collection has everything from deep, hypnotic rhythms to high RPM beats that can get your blood pumping at 1A.M. While I’ll be the first to admit ‘techno’ is dead, bumping bass will never go out of style. SakkieFTW is more Prodigy than Moby. As I rolled through this album I became more curious with each passing track, finding multiple layers of varied techniques and musical styles. Fans of the aforementioned Prodigy as well as NIN should find this four song EP “Wasteland” entertaining. Though not my personal style, it is really well done. Ultimately you are the best judge of what you like. We encourage our readers to give a listen and leave a comment letting us know what you think.


Thanks for reading (& listening), see you here next time.