Post Death Soundtrack is a collective of Canadian musicians originally formed in 2007 by Kenneth Buck and Steve Moore. Their latest album “The Unlearning Curve” released May of this year feels like a mash-up of 1960’s era Pink Floyd and early 90’s coffee house music; grey and shady with multiple layers of synth-based sounds. Basically re-interpreted Dead Can Dance. 

 This band should be commended for the resourceful way in which this latest album was created. Collaborating from three different cities without ever setting foot in a studio together is impressive.  Sadly the album “The Unlearning Curve” falls short, lacking both an original feel and cohesive sound.  

I will say the piano work on track seven is well done, it’s obvious PDS has skilled musicians in it’s ranks. However, in the end, I was a left feeling like each member was doing their own thing and it just didn’t gel.


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