“Broken Rainbow” by no:carrier




This weeks subject is a San Francisco based Electro Noir group by the name of no:carrier, who just released their apocalyptic album “Broken Arrow” November 11. This heavy Synth Pop collection of songs is rather deep, exploring a wide-range of human deficiencies.


Reminiscent of NIN & Ani Defranco, “no:carrier” manages to move through the dark wastelands of our culture without being overtly depressing. With songs like ‘Your Heroin” (track4) and Here’s To You (track 7) ugly ideas come off almost beautiful. Track 8, a cover of “Bad Moon Rising” is haunting; an exceptional and unique arrangement makes the 40-year-old tune barely recognizable (in a good way). The Creedence cover alone makes this album worth checking out.


Ultimately you are the best judge of what you like so let us know what you think. 

Thanks for reading (& listening), see you here next time!