Why Skogging?With all the styles of skating out there, why skogging? ” Isn’t it just pushing a board?” “What’s the big deal with using both legs?” “It can’t be that hard, right?”These all seem like great questions to ask. To be completely honest at first I wasn’t sure what the hype was all about when I first heard of skogging. Mr. Chris Yandall set his board down in front of me years ago and said, “Give it a try.” I pushed a few pushes and he said, “Now push with other leg”. I ate it. The feeling of “pedidexterious” as Chris coined it was so foreign to me. I skated regular footed for over 30 years. When I moved to SoCal I want to skate for the workout/exercise aspect of it. I have major medical issues that require me to workout my core. Chris showed me the footwork. Push regular foot then back foot (mongo) then repeat. Switch kick to other lead leg using one of many ways. (I use either foot slide back or cross step. All can be seen on the Skogging101 YouTube videos/channel.)So now the rider is pushing goofy foot then back foot (mongo) repeat then switch kick again. Skogging is all about the constant flow. It’s all about the movement. So why skogging? It’s actually an easy question to answer. Why not? If you are into long distance pushing it is the style that makes sense. Constant motion, constant flow all the while getting a killer core and full body workout. Miles upon miles tore up and your body is NOT tore up. Skogging takes time to get. It is a total retrain of muscle memory. It is better if you’re new to skateboarding, at least then you won’t be conditioned to push one leg. I offer the same advice that was offered to me by my mentor Mr. Chris Yandall. Practice on carpet then on a tennis court. Learn the footwork then rage! So give skogging a shot. If you need help in any shape or form, email me skogging.ca@gmail.com. Or find me on social media or just look out your car window, chances are I will pass you. Your Friendly Neighborhood SkoggerSteven MeketaContact: skogging.ca@gmail.com