That’s a Tripp is a small skate organization that a buddy of mine and I started about 6 years ago while doing skateboard delivery for a restaurant in Soho, New York. It has turned into a long distance skateboarding adventure group dedicated to Long Distance Pushing. We typically do smaller “Tripps” during the summer months anywhere between 15-50 miles in and around NYC culminating in the end of season event Cruise for Boobs.


Cruise for Boobs is a Breast Cancer Fundraising event run during October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month). The last couple years we’ve worked with Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC, based out of SoCal) as our beneficiary. So they set us up with a donation page and a we do a facebook event and we promote the whole thing as an “Interactive” fundraiser.

Joey Curry and Jack Staley.

After people donate and join the FB event we constantly are live posting via social media during the push. Folks really get to feel they are a part of it, instead of just “donate and done”. We also throw the “Trippers Benefit Bash”. This is essentially a party with bands, giveaways, food and a raffle. 


All the proceeds from the entire event, skate and party, are donated directly to B4BC. 

This year the  4th Annual Cruise for Boobs ‘”Philly Cheese Skate 100 – Philly to NYC” will take place on Saturday, Oct 22nd. We will take the first bus out to Philly, super early and immediately start skating back. We will skate halfway and sleep somewhere tbd. Sunday we complete the push, skating into the Trippers Benefit Bash.


 For more information, please visit our facebook page.