I offer this list as a Canadian wishing my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving! 1. When you ship from Canada to the USA and the package gets there QUICKER than what they told you at the post office!  2. Trade shows in January in Long Beach – going from freezing cold to gorgeous heat   3. Knowing that more pumptracks are on their way – hello Miami! 4. Having friends in USA of all political stripes – and knowing that we can all agree that skateboarding is awesome. 5. Watching the NFL with my son on Sundays.  6. Realizing that the more I visit the USA, the less I understand it. Being at peace with the previous sentence. 7. Carlsbad, California – truly a perfect spot in an area of perfects spots.  8. Canadian Maple combined with American craftsmanship equals millions of happy skaters.  9. The incredible number of things that Americans invent…on a yearly basis! 10. The fact that Canadians and Americans share the world’s largest undefended border.  A sincere Happy Thanksgiving to all!