Editor’s Note: I first met Dave almost 20 years ago at an Action Sports Retailer Show. It was my first trade show and at the time I was writing my book “The Concrete Wave.” I was pretty nervous and knew no one except Larry Gordon of G&S. Dave was a key part of G&S in the 1970’s and it was wonderful to hear his stories. Dave was one of the most hospitable people and welcomed me into the industry. I am especially proud to share a little bit into Dave’s remarkable past with our readership. How did you wind up at G&S?I first met Larry and Floyd Smith in 1962 as surfers in Pacific Beach.  I asked Larry for a job as a shaper in summer of 1965 during my college days but I didn’t have the eyes for lines in shaping boards so they chased me into the showroom to sell surfboards(no skateboards).  After college graduation I spent 5 years in property management and last project was to finish a new apartment building by Crystal Pier. In August 1975 Larry asked me if I want to be sales and team manager for both skate and surf at $600.00 per month & a commission.  He said that I could have 2-3 surfboards and free t-shirts so I said yes. I resigned in early 1980 to start a surf apparel brand, Pacific Styles which failed.  Then Rich Novak (of NHS) at the August 1984 ASR in Long Beach asked if I would perform the same duties and success at NHS/Santa Cruz/Indy and I said yes (1984-1992).  He tried to steal me first from G&S in about 1978. Should never have left NHS/Dave taking a breather in 1977. Photo by Warren Bolster.What was your position there at G&S?Sales and team manager for both skate and surf, which expanded to product development and administrative chores so I was basically working 7 days a week and loving each day.  Larry also opened the door to serve our Lord in 1974. G&S was a “Christ centered company” as noted on most ads. Tell us a few incredible stories about the FibreFlex?Larry’s dad and 2 uncles had the patient on Bo-Tuf for the archery industry and first made G&S Fibreflex decks in early 60’s with ads featuring Mike Endless Summer Hynson and Skip Frye and others. We are doing the annual ski show in Vegas in 1978 and on the 2nd day told buyers we had to ration decks since production was at maximum output in Vista-north of San Diego & only made by Gordon Plastics. Fibreflex decks were unique and world famous due to their flex, snap, memory and strength. I also had to turn down other riders as it didn’t make sense to add a new FF model when we are basically sold out. That is the reason I had to turn down Stacy as a paid rider by royalty till a found a local carpentry shop that could make the famous Warptail 1 & 2 was created selling 110,000 decks.  Deck royalties were $0.50 each or $55,000.00.  I believe Larry Gordon was 1st to offer a fixed royalty on pro branded decks and wheels. G&S was also the first skate and surf brand to display at the largest sporting goods show in Munich Germany in Feb of 1977. What was it like at the height of G&S in the 1970’s?The height of G&S skate products was in 1978 when the Euro market exploded and Stacy and YoYo Man and I did promo tours in 1978-79.  Unfortunately this market collapsed by April 1979, but the Japanese market took over as the major international market but it collapsed in early 1980. G&S was the first pro skate and surf brand to tour in Japan for 3 weeks in August of 1978.  It was their summer so the temp and humanity was overwhelming doing demos out doors. Doug “Pineapple” Saladino got scolded by a press guy for taking his team shirt off.You are in the iconic photo (by Warren Bolster) of Stacy Peralta at the desert pipes. What was that day like?Yes that is me at the bottom left standing with yellow shirt, blue pants and G&S camera.  Bolster called me about flying over to Phoenix on Sunday with 2-3 G&S riders to first be filmed riding those famous 25’ diameter pipes till the contractor stood them on end as they became world famous once Warren’s pics for SkateBoarder mag got on the newsstands.  It was exciting as Stacy mastered riding them within 10 minutes along with Steve Sherman (long blond hair).  I can’t remember if another G&S rider was on this first world famous trip.  May be Steve YoYo Cathey?Tell us about some of the key things in your collection that you are selling.Warren Bolster book autographed to FibreFats Book cover of the book enlarged, scanned and mounted on foam board 23 x 30” Signed by 11+ G&S 70’s team riders.Porsche Design sk8 truck plans 1979. 3 designs-13 pages.   Have an envelope from Porsche Design in Austria to the G&S German distributor and note in German.Interested parties should email me at davemacsd@gmail.com.