The 3rd Catalyst – Thrasher Magazine – 1981 In 1981, seven years after the rebirth of skateboarding, Thrasher Magazine was launched. It was underground and it helped create the next wave of interest. It documented regional contests and backyard ramp events. By galvanizing a community, it forged the third wave of skateboarding. By 1985, skateboarding was roaring back. But as the 80’s ended, skateboarding again found itself hitting the skids. The 4th Catalyst – World Industries – 1988Curiously, the fourth catalyst within skateboarding was so impactful, that the ramifications are still being felt to this day. As the 80’s came to close, skateboarding became so overwhelming huge, that there was bound to be a backlash. The “do it yourself” spirit was first experienced in the late 1970’s as punk rock fused with skateboarding. As things snowballed, five dominant companies ruled and smaller, independent skate companies found it very hard to compete.In 1988, Steve Rocco (along with Rodney Mullen) began World Industries and their slow but steady march towards taking on the major players eventually put them in a very powerful position. Numerous new skate companies were established as skateboarding reverted back to a small, niche market. Four years after Rocco launched his renegade company, he had completely disrupted the market and emerged as THE brand from all the carnage in the market. By 1995, World Industries dominated. Tomorrow – we have more catalysts!