The 7th Catalyst – Sector 9 Sold to Billabong – 2008Although Sector 9 had been in business since 1993, they found success was quite elusive. The vast majority of the skateboard world couldn’t or didn’t want to understand the point of longboarding. It was an entirely new category bringing in an entirely different customer. They were laughed at initially and many retailers were reluctant to carry longboards. But by the mid- 2000’s, longboarding emerged from its underground existence to really catch on with the public. Women, who for decades were only a marginal part of skateboarding, suddenly felt at home on a longboard. When the sale was announced, it brought a number of competitors to the forefront and telegraphed the enormity of the longboard market. By 2010, Penny plastic cruisers were launched as a longboard alternative. The success of the Penny is due in part because of the success of longboarding. The cruiser market continues to be a vibrant part of skateboarding. Although Billabong has recently sold Sector 9, one cannot underestimate the significance of their initial purchase. It really signalled that longboarding was a major force. The 8th Catalyst – Velosolutions Brooklyn Pumptrack – 2015 While pumptracks have been quite popular in Europe, it wasn’t until 2015 that an actual asphalt park built for bikes and skaters was established in the USA. There is no doubt that with the creation of hundreds of new skateparks over the past 15 years in North America, we have seen dramatic things happening in the world of skateboarding. However, for many on a Penny or a longboard or even a scooter, the prospect of being in a skatepark can be quite daunting. In fact, most beginners on skateboards can find it quite intimidating to be in a skatepark. Longboarding in a skatepark also requires a fair amount of skill.The pumptrack, due to its emphasis on flow and inclusion, means that all types of riders can enjoy the track. This has huge implications because if a culture of inclusion can be fostered around a pumptrack, it means we can have kids move effortlessly from scooter or bike to an actual skateboard/longboard. A second pumptrack was recently built in Oklahoma City and stands at 15,000 feet. Plans are underway to build dozens more over the next year. Pumptracks are about half the cost of skateparks and a worthwhile addition to current parks.