If I could take you back in time to 1996, you’d see me with my 48″ Foundation Longboard running around like a mad man telling everyone I met about longboarding. And while I had been riding longboards since 1977 and had purchased a Yard Stix in 1988, it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that things really came together. I realized the potential of what variety in skateboarding could bring about and twenty years later, you now see a completely different skate landscape. With this in mind, I am proud to present to you the future of skateboarding and longboarding. It lies in this hybrid pumptrack AND skatepark that is just about to be completed in Kanab, Utah.Take a good hard look at something that deftly blends together two fantastic experiences. The FLOW of a pumptrack with the challenging terrain of a skatepark.Make no mistake, this is the future. And it’s a future that can spark interest from many different people. From the young kids on scooters, to those on longboards, to local skaters who want an opportunity to shred. Hell, even bike riders can enjoy the terrain.When we look back on this installation in 20 years, we will all realize what an insanely great idea it was. For now, you need to email me at concrete.wave@velosolutions.com Have a peek at the latest video!