Three years ago we published a story about Troy Derrick. Troy is an RCMP in Vancouver, BC. His connection to skateboarding is a highly intriguing story which you can read here:  I promise you that you will find it fascinating. That’s the crazy thing about karma, it never fails to capture our imaginations. The reason why I am posting this story is that just a few days ago I found myself in one of the most extra-ordinary skate shops you’ll ever visit – Toronto’s very own So Hip It Hurts. Loaded to the gills with an incredible collection of goodies, the shop is a true jewel of Queen Street West. Upon entering the shop, my eye spotted this deck and I immediately got the reference. It would appear that Friendship Skateboard Company is taking a page from Welcome Skateboards and going for a vibe of  inclusion and fun. What a great take on a iconic image. Kevin Harris was instrumental in me putting together the book Concrete Wave. Hard to believe I’ve known him for almost 20 years. When I decided to do a post about this Friendship deck, it actually led me to this post which was written by Hippy Mike of Protest Skateboards and a fixture of the British Columbia skate scene. Three years ago I did not know Mike had written such an awesome introduction to the piece and I am so very happy to share it with you now. This past May, I finally got a chance to meet Troy at the Freestyle Round Up in Cloverdale. The Kevin Harris deck was first released in 1986, making this year the thirtieth anniversary. How very appropriate…or as I would say, pretty good karma. Watch Kevin blow your mind here – from Ban This: