Cory Fuhrmeister and Rocky Borgstorm have a revolutionary new concept on their hands that answers the prayers of street skateboarders plagued by not having access the proper skateparks or street spots. Their South Carolina based operation, Transformer Rails, has its eyes set on pushing skateboarders to higher levels of progression than ever before by manufacturing the world’s first transformable grind rail. Concrete Wave was generously given to chance to try out the 6 foot transformer rail and put all of the possible combinations to the test.


From the ground up, every angle of the eye-popping orange colored rail makes the mind race with thoughts of possibilities. The six foot long flat top is just wide enough to manual but still slender enough to board slide. On either edge, there are both square and round copings that can be hit frontside or backside from any direction. Plus, with several different adjustable heights, the ability for inclined grinds and slides is also there.


Then, with the twist of a screw, the magic happens. By rotating the rail 90 degrees either direction on a patented hinge, the copings can become a flat bar or a round rail, respectively. The large diameter of the round rail allows for easier lock ins while the flat bar is plenty wide enough to inspire confidence and allow for stable grinds.


The first thought that comes to mind when rolling up to the rail is comfort. No matter what trick you’re setting up for, the Transformer Rail can be maneuvered to accommodate for the smoothest ride possible. If you want to practice smith grinds on a square angle before moving to round rails, you got it. Or, if you want to level out your board slides on a wide bench before working your way up to the flat bar or round rail, you can conquer that too. Plus, the height adjustments allow you to build your pop from the ground up to a peak of 24 inches.



Never before has the street skater been granted such great adaptability with just one skate spot. The rail is portable enough to bring with you on a short skate and it can even fit in the average mid-sized sedan. (If you can position it in there properly) The trick ideas are endless and the path of progression seems to open up when first taking the Transformer Rail out for a session.


Next up for Transformer Rails, the Flip Rail and the Mini Transformer Rail are set to hit the streets this season. These more mellow options offer lower height settings and are designed to be more portable and appealing to skaters looking to learn their first grinds.


For more info about the versatility and freedom of Transformer Rails, please visit and stay tuned for Concrete Wave’s street test, coming soon!