Alex Lenz is based in Frankfurt, Germany and he runs the Longboard Embassy at the ISPO Trade Show. We’ve worked together for a number years and I am constantly surprised as to the amazing products he finds. The latest item he’s discovered is something called the Whitezu Surfskate Urban Wave.Whitezu hails from Italy and is headed up by a very friendly guy named Matteo Tontini. Matteo has a background in building ramps for cable wakeparks. As he explained to me, “I have also have a lot of friends who wanted us to build a surf trainer when the waves were small.” It wasn’t a huge leap to go from the water to dry land and Whitezu Urban Wave’s are gaining quite a reputation in Europe. Like many of you reading this, I don’t have the good fortune to live near epic surf…or even plain ole surf! I am truly landlocked and the Whitezu beckons me to ride it! There are two models currently available. One is fairly small and retails for about 4000 euros. A much larger model contains a number of modular components and is over 30,000 euros. It can be expanded. The ramps are made from fiberglass and are quite light.  Neil Carver developed the “surfskate” truck with Greg Falk back in the mid 1990’s and worked tirelessly promoting the experience. Fast forward almost 20 years and Carver has seen the rise of Surfskate worldwide. Many are copying Carver‘s innovative patented designs, but ultimately the growth of Surfskate is the best validation for the movement. The more things, the more they stay the same! For those fortunate to attend the ISPO show in Munich this February, you will have the opportunity to ride a Whitezu Ramp. I for one cannot wait!