A few months ago Carver launched ‘The Ahi’, a performance skateboard constructed from over 50 square feet of recycled fishing nets, bringing plastic waste from the sea to the streets.


The Ahi, proudly made in California by Bureo, features their CX mini truck, made locally in El Segundo, CA.


Carver are stoked to announce the launch of Carver’s Roundhouse Ecothane Mag wheel (65mm 81a), made in collaboration with Bureo for The Ahi board. Ecothane is made from a unique formula that incorporates soybeans to offset the reliance on petroleum-based urethane.

As a consumable, skate wheels have shorter lives than the durable Ahi skate deck, which is designed for a lifetime of skating. In an effort to offset the reliance on fossil fuels within the wheel production process, the incorporation of soybeans in the Ecothane formula lowers the wheel’s carbon footprint.


Offering an incredibly smooth ride, the new Roundhouse Ecothane Mag wheel profile and formula brings additional grip to keep your wheels engaged with the pavement as you flow from turn to turn and has been well-received by our team riders.


President Greg Falk, on the Ecothane formula:

“We never compromise quality in selecting our materials, but it’s a true win-win when we can limit our carbon footprint and show an improvement in the board’s performance. We are pleased with the new Ecothane formula, and happy to support the movement towards a more environmentally friendly rider experience.”