Created in 1967 and running until 1987, the World About Us documentary series was the brainchild of David Attenborough. In 1978, the producers set their lenses to Southern California to document the life and times of skateboarders. They called the film Skateboard Kings. This exceptional film chronicles not just the Dogtown scene, but many elements that made the 70’s skate experience truly unique. We go inside the doors of SkateBoarder Magazine, you’ll see Ray Flores drain a pool by hand and you’ll be amazed at the landscaping of Skatopia.  If you’ve watched Dogtown and Z Boys or Lords of Dogtown, you’ll get a chance to see where the filmmakers mined the past. At almost 1 hour in length, the documentary whips along at a fairly intense pace. I am sure audiences in the UK were completely in awe. What is truly astounding about the film is that it casts such a wide net. While the focus is on Alva and Venice, there is so much more thrown into the mix. Southern California in the 1970’s was truly a magical time. For those who found alternative ways to express themselves, this film captures their essence perfectly. Take the time to watch and enjoy every remarkable moment.