At the beginning of this month I had an opportunity to meet up with Steve Meketa. Steve is originally from back east but he wound up in Vista, California. To say that Steve is enthusiastic about skogging (skateboarding meets jogging) would be an understatement. He’s completely bonkers for it. His mission is simple: he wants as many skaters to embrace this type of riding. Will they? My sense is that skogging is worthy of trying at least once. Only then can you determine if it’s worth pursuing.But there is a bigger story here. Steve was inspired by a guy called Chris Yandall. Chris was the inventor of skogging and the stoke he had for skateboarding was simply incredible. I often recall meeting him and being amazed at his passion. We lost Chris a few years back. He was a young guy and his passing affected many in the skate community.One of the greatest things I love about skateboarding is how one skater affects another. In the case of Chris Yandall, his infectious love of skogging certainly impressed my friend Steve. Steve is running clinics, printing up business cards and handing out flyers. He is an ambassador of stoke and we salute him!  If you know someone that qualifies as an ambassador of stoke, let us know. Just email.