Sometimes it takes quite some time to gain a whole new perspective. But there are clues left along the way. The previous bog post refers to the Back to the Future scene where Michael J. Fox is chased by Bif’s Gang. He borrows a kid’s scooter and promptly rips the handle off. Hilarity and chaos ensue and the bad guys wind up covered in crap!Off comes the top! I believe this scene (and film) was a key factor in skateboarding’s rebirth in the mid 1980’s. There is no doubt the filmmaker’s kids were probably skaters and thought it would be a great fit for the day’s audiences. After all, the last time Hollywood had actual skateboarding in a “big budget” film in was back in 1978. Anyone remember Skateboard?  If only the film lived up to the promise of the poster (1978) Thanks to Michael J. Fox, a new generation was about to get hooked on skateboarding. All it took was 3 and half minutes and things exploded. Bif and his gang of bullies.We all want to take on the bullies and bad guys. We all want the skills to deal with them.  Some are willing to put in the work and some just want all want the adulation. We all want to be the hero. And if we can’t be Michael J. Fox the movie star, at least we can ride a skateboard and be as cool as he is – and be the hero he represents. It’s simple psychology. In order to grow skateboarding, we need to cultivate that feeling of being a hero one rider at a time.   “Welcome to the club, kid.”