Loaded has just releases a new video that features Yassine Boundouq. What is unusual about the piece is that it delightfully mixes up longboarding and the local culture of Morocco. It’s not a typical video and kudos to the Loaded Team for really coming up with such a creative piece.We’ve already done a small feature on Yassine on this blog and we’ve got plans to do a full story in our June issue. Folks like Yassine aren’t just ambassadors for a skate company…they are truly ambassadors for peace and understanding. Like many of you, I’ve never visited Morocco and yet, this alluring video pulls me in both as a skater and a traveller. In times like this with so much xenophobia spreading,  we need all the bridges we can find. Take a few minutes and enjoy this brief glimpse into a world you know (skateboarding) and one that you probably have never encountered.