Sweet terrain at the new Golconda Playground.


Though the true essence of New York City skateboarding is rooted in the push down crowded streets and the hunt for spots scattered around them. The parks and shops that the city houses are top notch. To that end, Brooklyn has seen not only an expansive new public plaza, but also a new hole-in-the-wall skate space and full service shop open up over the past few months. To get a break from the dreaded crust of the East Coast, Concrete Wave set out for some smoother terrain at the new Golconda Playground in Dumbo and at SKATEYOGI in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

An amazing park under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.


Breaking ground in January of 2015, the effort to rejuvenate Golconda Playground was largely headed by NYC’s unofficial “Mayor of Skateboarding,” Steve Rodriguez. Now, the spot once dubbed “Fat Kid Spot” boasts 18,000 square feet of elements for skateboarders of all skill levels and disciplines. Two large pockets of different sized quarterpipes flank the park while a row of ledges runs along the side. A multitude of other features fill the center including hubbas, euro gaps, ledges, wall rides, stairs, a set of brick banks and even a pool. The best part is that its location under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway keeps most of the water from stormy weather out of the park.

SKATEYOGI is teaching the next generation.


Next, as school ended and the park began fulling up with kids, CW travelled over to revisit Kevin Banahan of SKATEYOGI to see the new space he can now call his own. Banahan’s “dream come true” features a miniature skate shop housing an assortment of NYC-based brands. In the back, there is a long corridor of modular ramps where SKATEYOGI’s after-school programs, group classes and private lessons go down. In an effort to fulfill his mission to spread the love of skateboarding to all ages in a fun and creative environment, Banahan’s new space gives skateboarding’s next wave of up and comers the perfect training facility. SKATEYOGI also hosts open skate sessions from 3-7PM on Saturdays, from 2-5PM on Sundays and from 6-7 during the week.