I’m Yassine Boundouq and I have been riding a longboard for 3 years. I am now the ambassador of Loaded boards and Orangatang wheels here in Morocco.

The red background on the Moroccan flag represents hardiness, bravery, strength and valour, while the green represents love, joy, and hope. Definitely the kinds of things that skateboarding represents too!

When I started longboarding I searched on riders I found small community most of them are surfers so they ride just for fun, the Summer of 2015 I did a longboard tour from the north to the south of Morocco I crossed 3000km pushing on my longboard.


One of my goals was to spreading the longboard culture in my country. So I took this challenge and I organized 7 longboard events and cleanliness campaigns across the big cities. It was a successful trip because the longboard community grew up and I got the invitation to be the ambassador of Docksession in Morocco. Before that I was doing free longboard sessions in my town with my longboards. I called them LongB session. The success of those sessions led Docksession to invite me to work with them. As a result 4 cities in morocco now hold weekly sessions.


It’s really hard to grow  longboarding in Morocco because we don’t have longboard shops, but I’m doing my best. Hopefully I can see more people in the streets. Nothing is impossible. Below is my video about longboarding in Morocco. Enjoy!