Many years ago (before YouTube) Concrete Wave created a series of DVD’s called Evolutions. They were generally 2 hours (or more in length) and we printed up 15,000 of each title. Evolutions was given away for free and I know of numerous skateshops that played the DVD endlessly. Today I received a nice email from someone who was part of the DVD through his Olliepop video part. His name is Ruben NajeraI. He told me that ever since he was young, it was a dream to someday possibly have the cover of Concrete Wave.Ruben’s story really defines the expression “the future is unwritten.” When I produced that series of DVD’s, I really had no idea of what their affect would be. All I wanted to do was spread a message through video. While I knew that folks would enjoy Evolutions, I never really thought they’d have the power all these years later. Email’s like Rubens bring home the reality that when you publish something (no matter what platform) it can truly resonate with people in a deep way. So here’s to the future and here’s Ruben’s amazing story taken from his website – and here’s hoping it inspires the next generation of skaters. Some You Tube links of Evolutions: