With the Superbowl coming up this weekend, I am sure some of you have already started to take a peek at the commercials that will be airing. Ironically, some years the ads are better than the game! But I am sure this year will be quite a match up. One ad in particular caught my eye. This ad for Mercedes Benz is too good not to share. As skaters, some of us seem to blend the best of what it means to be part of a tribe (like a motorcycle gang) with the mentality of the lone warrior (in this case Peter Fonda).There a number of pretty hilarious things going on this is ad which is directed by the Coen brothers. But what I find most curious is that a German car manufacturer is using an American icon (and iconic film) to sell the dream of freedom back to Americans. The motorcycle has been replaced by a car…and a German car at that!  There are some who will call Peter Fonda a sell out. I say, “nah, I think with almost five decades playing this role, he gets a pass.”  Speaking of Germany, I will be heading out to Frankfurt to meet up with my good friend Alex Lenz of 40″ Longboard Magazine. Alex is so connected to skateboarding that he bleeds urethane. We’ll be setting up things on Saturday at Munich for the enormous ISPO Show. Watch this site and our Facebook page for updates.  Meanwhile, keep the flame going!