While Concrete Wave was at the Freestyle Roundup Contest in Vancouver we had a chance to meet up with Levi Conlow. His company, Lectric Longboards is starting to gain quite a following.Their new Lectric LS, has a top speed of 26 mph and a range of 15 miles. The top speed makes it the fastest manufactured board in the market. Levi has also kept the price extra-ordinary low. Lectric started in a college dorm room and sold boards right from the comfort of their confined space. The company brought in over $130,000 in revenue in their first 7 weeks of selling and quickly realized they had something special. Their school in Phoenix took notice and sponsored a facility to build their boards on campus. In the electric skateboard market, the majority of the boards come from China.  Lectric are producing and making their boards at the same place they began – Phoenix. They are now hiring fellow college students to help with production, design, and service – allowing them to gain the same great knowledge and experience the founders have gained through working on Lectric Longboards.  Here are few more points about Lectric:o  the board has regenerative braking (charging the battery when the brakes are engaged)o  there are two motors, both being placed inside the wheels thus eliminating user maintenance. o  on the controller you can switch between two riding modes; eco mode and ludicrous mode. Also on the controller you can choose to go forward or reverse.o Lightweight (13 lbs) As the electric skateboard explodes, Concrete Wave will be here to showcase a wide variety of product that is hitting the market.