Shortly after we covered the Collegiate Skate Tour’s New York stop, the crew set off to Carlsbad, California for their second stop of the season. There, they teamed up with Lume Cube  to help put on a heavy afternoon of shredding that prompted us to reach out. Thus, we got a chance to speak with Marketing & PR Coordinator, Trevor Farrow and CEO, Mornee Sherry to discuss Lume Cube’s Kickstarter beginnings and their pocket sized beacon of light that makes redefines the possibilities of skateboarding at night.Lume Cube started their journey via Kickstarter but began seeding the concept with their target audience months in advance. Through a process of reaching out to the press, stretching their goals and constantly updating their backers with product development updates, the team found the success they set out for. In the end, their $56,000 goal was blown away with a total amount of $229,517 pledged. With that, Lume Cube was born. Though the team behind Lume Cube boasts backgrounds heavily influenced by surfing, the mini ramp in the center of their headquarters speaks to the company’s devotion to skateboarding. With this, the crew recognized that the best time to approach skate spots without the burden of traffic, security guards or cops is in the black of night. However, skateboarders have long been plagued by the hassle of relying on the natural street lights of their surroundings or carrying and rigging up bulky lighting setups as their only solutions. Through use of the Lume Cube, skateboarders can now, as Sherry describes it, “carry a virtual light studio in your pocket, quickly set up around your spot and nail the trick.” No generators, cords or strings attached. The cubes can attach to light stands, smart phones, DSLRs, GoPros and action cameras and even drones. A standard Single Lume Cube gives off 150 lux at a distance of 9 feet and maintains 2 hours of battery life at 50%. As the first ever off-camera flash for mobile photo and video, the Lume Cube can be controlled through a free app for iOS and Android that allows you to control the brightness of multiple cubes either individually or all at once. This added level of convenient utility allows skateboarders to pick-up, pack-up, and get out in a flash. Though Lume Cubes are relatively new, they have already been around the block by being used in some interesting projects beyond skateboarding. These projects have included everything from presidential interviews to ride inspections at Disney Land to breathtaking drone images of lightning storms. Next up, Lume Cube plans to expand their lifestyle offerings by launching the Līfe Līte. Dubbed the little brother of the Lume Cube, Sherry explains, this newest creation “brings 2/3rds of the light of a Lume Cube, but half the size and a third the weight at a more affordable price point.” You can check out the latest update on the release, set for March 2017, by signing up for Lume Cube’s newsletter on their website.