Attack of Danger Bay 2017

Attack of Danger Bay 2017

It was almost 20 years ago when I received a call from a young Bricin Lyons. He called to tell me about some of the goings on in a magical place called the Sunshine Coast. Bricin has been organizing things for years now and stoking out skate communities around the world. As someone who was born and raised in Pender Harbor, Bricin has been an incredible ambassador for the Sunshine Coast. If you have never been to this part of the world, I urge to consider a trip out there. 

Bricin is fond of capital letters, so I’ll let him take it from here:









$8000.00 TO THE RACERS!!!

Thanks for your support everyone!!! 




Danilo Goncalves – Old School Illustrator

Danilo Goncalves – Old School Illustrator

I found out about Danilo on facebook. There was something truly exceptional about his art that combined a mixture of fun and soulfulness. He currently lives and works in Brazil. I think his art truly captures the fun and chaos that is skateboarding. Enjoy! We have a four page story on Danilo in our latest issue.     If you visit his facebook page you will see a lot more work.    

Ithica Skate Jam

Ithica Skate Jam

Real Action Sports and Comet Skateboards would like to invite the entire community to the 6th Annual Ithaca Skate Jam on May 6th and 7th, 2017. There is now a second day with a new element – a regional Amateur Skateboard Contest at the Ithaca Skate Park. 


Day One Saturday – Buffalo Street:
For the past five years Buffalo Street has been the downhill playground everyone has enjoyed. Last year, over 300 skaters from all over the western hemisphere showed off their skills. This year they are doing it again at the same spot – the top of East Buffalo Street between Eddy and Stewart Ave. With fresh pavement at a consistent 15% grade and skate park terrain on Quarry Street (running perpendicular to Buffalo street). The hill starts at Eddy Street and is a 15% downhill to Stewart Ave. There will be some ramps on Buffalo Street to hit as you go down or you can just bomb away. Quarry Street will have several skatepark features and the vendor and food truck area.


The format is a “nontest” style jam. Skate hard all day and the Comet team will be handing out prizes as they see fit. There are no specific contests or divisions. There will be a session for younger and beginner adult skaters from 1-2PM. They are sponsoring 20 young people ages 14 and under to skate at this time with the generous support of a local foundation -TBJ.


Day Two Sunday – Ithica Skatepark:
All Ages are welcome to compete. Divisions will be broken down as follows. 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15 and 16 & over unsponsored, Sponsored Team Riders, Womens and Masters 30 and over. The park contest will be run with a Jam format, skate till you bail with a first trick rebate. Heats will run in groups of 15 with a 20 minute practice heat and then a 20 minute judged jam session. Judges will be looking for style, use of park, consistency and difficulty of tricks.


Title Sponsors this year are Comet Skateboards, Vans Shoes, Element Skateboards, Klean Kanteen, Clif Bar, Guayaki Beverages, Greenstar Co-op and Media Sponsor Wheelbase Magazine.


Date: May 6th and 7th, 2017


Time: Registration 9am, Skating 10-5pm


Registration Fee includes an Event T-shirt, Sponsor Swag Bag, a Healthy Lunch, and Beverages.


Day One Online Pre-Reg: $30 (discounted fee expires 4/3), Onsite Reg $40


Day Two Online Pre-Reg: $15 (discounted fee expires 4/3), Onsite Reg $25



Ithaca Skate Jam and The Philadelphia Skateboard Academy bring you Pro/Am Freestyle Demo and Clinics . A select group of Professional and Amateur Freestyle skaters will be on the scene. Ithaca Skate Jam is creating a place for them to have a Warm-Up for the World Freestyle Round Up Championships taking place in BC Canada 2 weeks after Ithaca Skate Jam.



The Good Truck and NYS Fair’s Best Food Truck Winner The SIlo Truck will be on the scene serving up the goodness.Crucial Reggae Social Club featuring members of John Brown’s Body, Roadman, Mosaic Foundation, Sim Redmond Band, Big Mean Sound Machine, Fall Creek Brass Band, Jimkata , and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad are finishing off the day with a Sunset Set.

Register at



Comet Skateboards, Vans Shoes, Vans Warped Tour, Element Skateboards, Powerflex Skateboards, Bones Swiss Bearings, Powell Peralta, Original Skateboards, Levi’s Skateboarding, Dickies Skateboarding, Volante Wheels, Salt Rags Skateboarding, Clif Bar, Guayaki Beverages, Gimme! Coffee, Greenstar Co-op, Emmy’s Organics, Viva Taqueria, Silky Jones, Luna inspired Street Food, and Media Sponsor WVBR, Wheelbase Magazine.

New Book on Female Skaters

New Book on Female Skaters

I met up with Cindy Whitehead a number of years ago. In November of 2012,  an opportunity arose to collaborate with Nano Nobrega of Dusters California. From this initial start, a number of butterfly effects took place. You can learn more here. Cindy has achieved a tremendous amount of success with her Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word movement. The completes she has done with Dusters have been big sellers and her focus on promoting females in skateboarding has been tremendous. Working in conjunction with her husband Ian Logan, Cindy has put together a book on female skaters. The book is called It’s Not About Pretty: A Book About Radical Skater Girls. A portion of the books proceeds give back to 501c3 non-profits that create exposure and opportunities for girls in skateboarding.

 Ian Logan checks out a photo.


The 8×10 hardcover book is 144 pages and features 65 different skater girls, from age five to just over fifty years old. From pool riding, park, street, downhill, vert and cruising, to pro female skateboarders and soul skaters – this book covers it all. 


The book will be available in bookstores everywhere, as well as on The book retails for $35.00 USD  

Please, steal this idea

Please, steal this idea

It’s been over a month since I was at ISPO. Something has been weighing on my conscious, but I wasn’t quite able to connect the dots. While at ISPO in Germany, I met a number of interesting folks and ran into a few unusual situations. Without naming names, there are a number of people who have borrowed heavily from the Carver Truck. Some have done tributes to Neil Carver’s revolutionary designed truck, others have pretty much copied the design.Behold the CX Surfskate Truck! If copying someone’s idea is the sincerest form of flattery, you could say Carver has been overwhelmed by flattery. The truth is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to create something new. The entire crew over at Carver spent years working and promoting a new way to ride. Seems like folks like the feeling of sharp turning…gives them a great work out. But what is sad is that most of these companies that borrowed heavily or were inspired by Carver didn’t once pick up the phone and try and work out something. Some just copied, with no remorse. Well, in the spirit of ripping people off, I ripped off the PEACE SIGN five years ago.  From this…thank you Gerald Halton!    to this…  Four years ago, my good friend John Krieger took the logo and tweaked it.  Feel free to steal my idea too.Because I just stole John’s idea…or is more of a tribute?     I figure it is for a great cause. Please don’t sue me John!