I met up with Cindy Whitehead a number of years ago. In November of 2012,  an opportunity arose to collaborate with Nano Nobrega of Dusters California. From this initial start, a number of butterfly effects took place. You can learn more here. Cindy has achieved a tremendous amount of success with her Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word movement. The completes she has done with Dusters have been big sellers and her focus on promoting females in skateboarding has been tremendous. Working in conjunction with her husband Ian Logan, Cindy has put together a book on female skaters. The book is called It’s Not About Pretty: A Book About Radical Skater Girls. A portion of the books proceeds give back to 501c3 non-profits that create exposure and opportunities for girls in skateboarding.

 Ian Logan checks out a photo.


The 8×10 hardcover book is 144 pages and features 65 different skater girls, from age five to just over fifty years old. From pool riding, park, street, downhill, vert and cruising, to pro female skateboarders and soul skaters – this book covers it all. 


The book will be available in bookstores everywhere, as well as on Amazon.com. The book retails for $35.00 USD