Tomorrow (March 11) marks the 6th anniversary of the world’s first longboard tradeshow. Chances are if you were there, you have not forgotten it. And if you weren’t there, you wish you had been. The atmosphere from the very start was pure electricity. You could FEEL the power of the movement. The memories are too numerous to list. It was hilarious watching the guy from Nersh Wheels pull up in a freaking Lamborghini! The show was held it at the now closed Longboard Loft. This was a shop that Bustin Boards was about to open and the timing was perfect. We crammed this shop with vendors and you could barely move. I am surprised the fire department didn’t show up. We were able to jam 32 skateboard brands into the room and for 8 hours, the longboard industry rejoiced in a movement that had truly arrived. Push Culture News did a story about the preparation. Theseus Williams worked his ass off getting the room ready. That’s Theseus Williams – master builder!  Hell, even Transworld Business covered it. The show is particularly memorable for me because it was the first time I met Noel Korman. I will never forget Noel and when he cruised into the shop, he put out it his hand and said, “I’m Noel Korman with the Shralper’s Union. If you need anything, just let me know.” I had not heard about the Union before, but from the moment I met Noel, I knew that the show would be in good hands. I also want to give a shout out to Luke Ayata who I also met at the event. With Noel’s passing, we’ve become very close. I will be back in NYC on April 22 to Roll for Noel at Central Park.That’s Noel with the bald head. There was a bar next door called Lucky Jacks. I think there was as much business conducted there as there was at the shop! You can get a sense of the action here. Warning: my voice is haggard. But it was truly a great time.We covered the show in the April 2011 issue. Take a peek here.