The infamous Dingo’s Den of Clifton, New Jersey.  I’ve been living next to the USA now for about 45 years. The truth is the more I learn about the States, the less I understand it. But there is no doubt that my life has been incalculably shaped by America.I am fascinated by every part of the country I’ve had the privilege to visit. Today I head off the USA once again. Noel Korman’s philosophy was all about spreading the joy. The unrelenting pace and intensity of New York City can be overwhelming to some. The fact is that NYC is best explored by skateboard with locals. Thankfully, I will be able to do just that starting tomorrow.I can’t remember how many times I’ve been to NYC, but each time the place gives me new insights and helps to put an extra snap in my stride. It is vibrant and explosive and each passing minute reveals something extraordinary. Our March 11, 2011 longboard expo remains one of my favorite skate memories. It was, as they say “a moment in time.” But I am not just going to be in NYC. I am actually landing in New Jersey and heading up to Clifton, the hometown of my very good friend Ray Korman. Since the passing of his son, Noel in 2014, Ray and I have formed a close friendship. It’s funny, because I only met Noel on 6 occasions. But there was something about Noel that left an incredible impression on you. Shralplin it at Kona Skatepark I have also forged a very close association and friendship with Luke Ayata of the Shralper’s Union. Luke turned 49 this week and we’ll be celebrating his birthday this weekend. Probably at Clifton’s notorious hot spot “Dingos.” New Jersey is probably where I’ll be spending the majority of my time. We are looking at doing a grassroots skate event in early June. A key reason for me being in NYC and specifically Central Park is a session that the Shralper’s Union and Longboarding for Peace are hosting called “Roll for Noel.” We’ll be meeting up at Columbus Circle at 2pm and heading out to ride for Noel and celebrate Earth Day. I am not sure how many folks are going to be there. But I know one thing, it will be an incredible experience and a great way to pay tribute to my friend Noel. If you can’t join us in Central Park, roll for Noel in your own way and shralp it!