Concrete Wave and Longboarding for Peace along with Bombora Boards headed down to Jamaica last month. The experience was truly epic and we’ll have a feature story in our Summer issue. One of the people we met on our trip was Steve Douglas, the co-owner of Skateboard Palace. The shop is Jamaica’s first skate shop and it’s already gaining quite a following. Camille Pandohie Douglas is the shops director.The shop stocks a variety of well known brands. These include FLIP, Santa Cruz, Creaure, Mob Grip, Independent, Bronson, Bullet, Krux, OJ’s, RICTA, Korna King, Primitive, DC and Globe. Steve has plans to carry more brands as things progress The shop  established the first skateboard program at the Kingston YMCA which has resulted to the first Skateboard Camp starting in August 2017. Together, Steve and Camille have formed the JAMAICA SKATEBOARD FEDERATION. They are now affiliated with the Olympics. Their mission is to put skateboards into all the schools of Jamaica as an official activity  Concrete Wave had a chance to catch up with Steve in his shop at 98 Molynes Road.  What is your background? ?STEVE DOUGLAS: My background is Jamaican – born a Kingstonian. I went to school in both Jamaica and US.Did you skate as a kid?Yes I did skate as a child and that was fun , now I also skate for fun and also work hard in the business skateboard industry business to make sure each child in Jamaica can also skate. Music is a part of your background, right?I got involved in music for a long time. Worked with the best in Reggae and Hip Hop Music. Got involved with Bone thugs and Harmony from working with Bizzy Bones and Sammy Park.  How did you start the shop?I had the vision to open the first skateboard store in Jamaica for a long time and I was selling skateboards from my office and doing deliveries to customers to sell a skateboard or accessories. The first major brand who reached out to me was FLIP skateboards.What’s the response been like?The response from the shop has been more than what I expected. Jamaica loves skateboarding from all ages. Many parents come in the store and thank me for opening the store and giving their children the opportunity to go outside and skate and enjoy being active. Many customers are amazed and can’t believe it is actually here in Jamaica and many customers from all over the world. We have visitors from Sweden, Argentina, Germany and beyond. All are very impressed with the store and say its one of the best shops they have been to. Where do skaters ride in Jamaica?We have a lot of skaters in Jamaica and they skate over by our shop in our skate area and also at the university’s. There is a place in Bull Bay to skate and we are going to build the first skateboard park in Jamaica.What is your message to the skate world on behalf of Jamaica?On behalf of Skateboard Palace Ltd, we want the skateworld to know that we have embraced the love of the sport and the lifestyle in Jamaica. Skateboarding has changed many youths lives in Jamaica and will continue. Work together to develop the sport all around the world and share our great experience of skateboarding. Inspire the world and guide our children in a positive environment. Shred on Jamaica, Shred on World!