Why do we fall?  is a series of portraits of hurt skaters after a fall. The first idea was to reuse skateboards given by the curator of the show. I chose to cut the boards to paint on it and to use the scraps to make shelves for the paintings and frames for the drawings. Concerning the paintings, I used oil-paint on the wood of the boards, which was a first for me. I tried to show off the blood and the bruises without being too gory and to find a way to summon colors who were not there on the reference images.


The different pieces, together, are showcased like on a podium. I wanted to celebrate something else than glory and gratification, to highlight the ungratefulness of the discipline and the perseverance (or sometime madness) of the skaters. I think it takes a lot of courage to go back on a board after falling.  Dan MacFarlane It wasn’t easy to find good pictures of hurt riders but I managed to get a nice collection with some thorough research. I wanted to depict them right at the moment they look dazed or stunned, suffering from the pain but still numb from the shock. Even the ones looking right at us are trapped in a state of confusion with a blank stare.
I hope to paint and draw more of these in order to make the installation grow for the next shows.
Speaking of the show, it’s ending today as I write this. The exhibition is at its third edition, it debuted from Singapore, then extended to Malaysia, reaching Paris this spring. With each iteration adding approximately 10 artists from the hosting country, we were a total of 34 artists to display our work.
 For more info visit Sy’s website and check out cannotbeboardered.com