We are only 6 weeks or so away from September 1st and we wanted to plant this seed with you. Concrete Wave in association with Longboarding for Peace is proud to be part of Buskerfest.We are working with Gibbon Slacklines and will be participating in the Global Slackline Challenge.  You’ve probably seen slacklines emerge a pretty popular pastime over the past decade. Often Slacklining is still perceived as an activity for gifted people who have exceptional balance. The Global City Balance Challenge is an initiative with as simple plan: To prove that balance can be achieved by anyone!   Besides balance boards, skateboards and longboards, visitors to our “magic of balance” booth will get the chance to experiment on the Slack Rack. This unique product that is fully portable is made by Gibbon. Once folks feel they are ready to take the challenge, they will be required to balance on the Slackline for a minimum of 10 seconds.