In the backwaters around Houston TX, on a soapbox derby hill in Hockley, racers from all over the US and Canada gathered for the 14th annual Cold Fusion Sizzler hosted by the Texas Outlaws.  The Sizzler is a three day race, with disciplines of Tight, Hybrid and Giant slalom as well as a downhill event called the Speed trap. Friday, unfortunately had to be called off due the weather, its hard to dodge cones with torrential rain in your face although, there is some of us would have tried. Saturday started with Hybrid slalom, a fast course set by your humble narrator, with lots of variety on a constant down hill slope. Skate Kings’ Joe Maclaren, turned out to be the skater to beat, followed by teammate, Richy Carrasco, and St. Louis Dagger Jonathan Harms in 3rd place. Next was tight slalom set by St. Louis Dagger Jonathan Harms that was fast and techy. Again SkateKings’ Joe Maclaren was the skater to beat followed by teammates, Brad Jackman in 2nd and Richy Carrasco in 3rd . Giant slalom on Sunday set by Richy (the 360 king 142 spins) Carrasco that was blisteringly fast in part thanks to the 35 MPH tailwind. Again Skate Kings’ Joe Maclaren was the racer to beat, followed by St. Louis Dagger Jonathan Harms in 2nd and teammate Richy Carrasco in 3rd. Next up was the speed trap, a “downhill” type race where the fasted speed through the trap (88 feet) Wins, Texas Outlaw Dylan Greenbaker was the fastest with a speed of 33.98 MPH fallowed by teammates Chris Doan 32.37 MPH in 2nd and Lou Statman 32.32 MPH in 3rd.  All round results was dominated by Sk8kings Joe Maclarlen, 8 time world Champion as he has done almost every Sizzler that he has attended, followed closely by teammate Richy Carrasco in 2nd and Jonathan Harms in 3rd. Top honors in both the B and the C classes were captured by new comers this year, Max Vickers in B class and Ryan Lesueur in C class. Joyce Weldrake was number One in woman’s class. The Texas Outlaws would like to thank all our sponsors, their generosity with products and other support in always greatly appreciated! Concrete wave, SkateKings, Carve Skate Shop, NCDSA, and the ISSA, Stoked, Fireball Bearings, Triple Eight safety gear, Landyachtz, Loaded skateboards and Orangatang Wheels, Venom Bushings and Wheels, The Texas Armature Skateboard League and Cockfight Skateboards. Lastly I would like to thanks fellow teammates who work hard every year and don’t always get recognized for it. Thank you Matt Franklin & Louis Statman, who made sure that the ramps where hers and ready, for this years Sizzler as well as Dylan Green Baker, Dustin Stilling, Jeff Bower and Dave Bonnell for bringing them the past years. To Glenn Bukowsky for his excellent trophies, Humberto Salcedo out good will ambassador and fill in MC, Stephen Pland and Jonathan Harms for their timing wisdom. And Eddy Martinez my fellow organizer, Facebook contest poster and founder of the Texas Outlaws. Lastly to every skate who races.