The other day I got an invitation for the All One launch party. I had heard about them and was eagerly waiting to find out what Rob Rodrigues of SURE Skateboard School  and Rodney Smith SHUT Skateboards  were working on. This is a big deal for our NYC scene as over the years division on the streets and the profit margins of investors have been keeping us down. We needed the companies that were run by skaters so that we can tend to the actual needs of the streets. Who better to take the lead than Rob and Rod?The party was very well received as skaters from all generations and types were there to show support. Very impressive as we all know how hard it is to bring the NYC scene together.  What exactly is All One?Rodney Smith- ALL ONE/ALL ONE UNIVERSE is a conscious awareness platform for those here on earth that desire or seek for a higher and broader truth/understanding as to why and what the heck we’re doing here on earth.All brought to you from some members of the skateboard culture and fashion community. Rodney, I know you have intensive history with the NYC scene. But can youtell our readers a little about yourself. I’ve been a member of the skateboarding community since my beginnings when I started skating in 1976. I had a great older 70’s east coast pro skateboarding friend and mentor that lived a few blocks away from my childhood home. He was adamant about keeping people skating, all because of the decline of skateparks and participation.. By 1978 I was well clued in as to what to do to keep skateboarding around and alive. By the early 1980’s I knew I wanted to be in the skateboard industry yet… didn’t know quit how to do that. After about three years I got sponsored, I also headed up and worked at a skate/surf shop through high school. I was a top amateur east coast competitive (NSA, ESA, etc…) street skater that made it to the proving ranks to become a pro around 1986/87.With the skate scene going through more popularity issues and current of the time struggling to make it as a pro I decided not to continue competitive skating and with some friends started a deck company and an east coast movement out of NYC. (Shut 1986 to ’92… Zoo York skateboards 1993 to 2008 then back to relaunch Shut)Rob Rodrigues, Rodney Smith and Ray Korman. 

What brought you guys together to work on All One and what was the motivation?Rob and I had been knocking around some ideas for four or five years to create a new unique type of platform/company encompassing the skateboarding culture, skateboarders and the young at heart, at whatever age…whether skaters or not. What are some of your goals?20 years ago I started paying closer attention to the progression of skateboarding with a different look into the mind of skaters and how the changes in board sizes, double kick, Ollie’s etc… changed the way and rate skateboarding could progress. Let me not forget the most important part of this, that is the progression of the minds assisting these abilities along the way. Having had skate teams since the 80’s I’ve had plenty of time to observe and study people in a different way. I started looking at the science of skateboarding and to this day continue to have my mind blown as to the human capacity to have control over ones own reality. I’ve come to the realization that top end skateboarders are performing Magic and it goes much deeper then that but I won’t go into it now. Goals to look for from ALL ONE in general will be in regards to a specific type of nurturing message to skaters and skateboarding fans that…learning and understanding about oneself is your greatest asset when living in such a world controlled system. For example if skaters just want to skate then they need to be aware of what is going on in their “neck of the woods”… all as a precautionary measure to for instance, keeping the growth of skate parks and never have to fight to keep them. What should we be expecting to see next?Expect to see more information via social media, YouTube etc…with interviews of some brilliant minds in the esoteric world, biology,skateboarding, and the fashion world of people.With the diversity of NYC scene how do you hope to place yourself in the community?I am already a prominent figure in the world of skateboarding (As it is said by others and not by me…) and Rob in his own right as well. I have also been an amateur researcher for 35 years of the esoteric/conspiracy world so those communities are already built in  All interested people right now can follow our Instagram all_one_rodney_smith and stay attuned to our line of clothing and accessories, *Click Here To Check Out The ALL ONE Universe Collection Proceeds from this product will go to existing and start-up, informational based web shows,networks etc…that currently have a connection and platform for the masses of the young at heart worldwide. As you can tell we are very ambitious about this journey. The time is now for all ready to wake up and get it right this time. Human being’s history and time on this planet is at a progressive growth (earth bound and cosmically), as well as on a downward spiral to a potential self-eradication from the planet. Here’s a statistic for you to think about….With over one thousand intercontinental ballistic missiles just in the United States alone, that can’t possibly make anybody feel comfortable about existing here on this amazing planet when”accidents” like Fukushima happen.