We all know the name. The double ‘W’ that stands loud & proud in Newquay’s hustle and bustle.  
Wooden Waves. From all over, skaters come together to shred the ramps and waves at our local skate park.  

The park is home to some of the rawest talent in Cornwall. From Jake Sparam, sponsored by, and riding for, Pig city skateboards, Flavour and Etnies, to the young Finley McCormick repping Hoax skateboards 94′. 
Wooden waves have been and will always be the birth place of pure knar and talent. Creating friendships, teaching valuable life lessons and breeding creativity within skateboarding. However. Our beloved wooden waves is to be transformed by the world renowned Maverick designs.  

“The design for Newquay Skate Park has been drawn up to meet the needs of the local user group and serve as a facility for riders both nationally and internationally. The facility has been carefully organized into four separate areas; an endless street run, multi-combination snakerun bowl, retro-style amoeba pool, and BMX flowpark. The idea behind the facility is that all the routes around the skate park link up to form an enormous flowpark. We are beyond stoked that Newquay Council have chosen us to build the park – There’s still a lot of fundraising to do and contracts to sign before we can spray any crete, but we can’t wait to get stuck in!” 

On Saturday the 1st of July, Newquay held a Cardboard to concrete fundraiser event in order to raise funds for the epic new park design. A huge shout out to Dave Rickard for his tremendous efforts and organizing the event. The event was a huge success and included all sorts of competitions, a sizzlin’ hot BBQ, a raffle with prizes kindly donated by local businesses and even some fancy dress! Not forgetting, live music too!  

I caught up with Beth Applewhite, Newquay’s finest female shredder, proudly holding up the girls skate scene. Beth, 16 years old, sponsored by Diversion, stated that how she would like the new park to be more ‘family orientated’ and include a mini ramp in order for younger skaters to learn at a safe level. Beth hopes the new park will ‘bring people together’, including all kinds of ages and abilities!  

Shortly after, Finley McCormick, one of Newquay’s most talented young skaters, sponsored by Hoax and hoping to be competing at a high level by next year, caught my eye as he dropped in with such style; I just had to have a chat with this little legend! – ‘Fin, what does Wooden waves need? What do you hope to see in the new Maverick’s design?’  

‘We need a street plaza! A stair set would be incredible, oh and just some sick new ramps, anything concrete really! Wood isn’t too practical with Newquay’s weather!’

I think we all agree, a concrete structure is first on all our skate’wish’lists! You see, our skate park here in Newquay isn’t just a ‘park’ it’s a home. It unites us as skateboarders and the memories made here, will never be forgotten. In society today, we focus so strongly on the kids’ who never leave the house, attached to their screens and games consoles, yet the kids’ who are out from 9-5, shredding the tarmac waves and eating dirt for lunch, out in the fresh air all day, are forgotten and left behind in the modernising world. These kids’ deserve to have the latest concrete, when there are stay at home kids’ produced monthly with the latest modern designs, trapping them inside. ‘GIVE THE THE KIDS THE CONCRETE THEY DESERVE!’  

Let’s get together and fund what will be, quite simply, one of the best modernizations in recreational sport Newquay has ever had!
By Rocky Poole –