As some of you may know, I am down here in California with my family. During this time, I get the opportunity to meet up with folks from the skate industry. As I am in transition from Publisher/Editor/chief bottle washer etc to just publisher, I still retain the right to give you some of my thoughts. Initially, I had plans to go to Baja, California, but decided that I needed to be in HB and Venice. So, without further ado, here is my take on the last few days outside San Diego county. My homebase in Huntington Beach was the private pad of Don “Fish” Fisher. Don is an industry vet with a true skater’s soul. We had a great time hanging out together. The first order of business was to meet up with “Dozier” the pit bull who belongs to his roommate Jason. Dozier tests the durometer on a Shark Wheel. On Tuesday night, we worked with HB Culture Magazine and had a booth at the farmer’s market in downtown Huntington Beach. We gave away dozens of stickers and magazines along with posters. Plans are underway to make this a weekly event for Concrete Wave. We definitely stoked out a number of folks. If you want to be a part of this experience, let me know asap  Left to right: HB Cult owners, Don Fisher of CW Mag and downhill legend Chuey Madrigal. I had the opportunity to hang out with two key players in the skate world – Paul Schmitt and Jim Gray. Both have given blood, sweat and tears to skateboarding.  Hearing their stories about former pros, business deals and outrageous behavior from people who should know better made for a truly amazing time. Roll for Peace is going to be promoting Paul’s Create-A-Skate project bigtime and we truly impressed with the Powerflex Wheels. Unlike most wheels that get introduced to the market through a fancy marketing campaign, Powerflex actually created something beneficial – a hub that absorbs and helps the wheel perform better. I am sure there are countless skaters that would benefit from these wheels. Indy shops…we need your support to help spread the message!  The templates found in the Create-A-Skate program developed by Paul Schmitt.Steve Olson (left) is now working with a new clothing brand called Teen-Aged. We enjoyed beer and met up with George Wilson of Z Flex fame. Pictured is Jim Gray, Don Fisher and Paul Schmitt.This is the new Powerflex wheel. Its core is vastly different than other vert/street wheels out there. It can absorb bumps, cracks etc due to its durometer. If your local shop doesn’t carry them, have them contact Powerflex asap. One of the key highlights of the trip was the 75th Issue party of Juice Magazine. I’ve know publisher Terri Craft and assistant editor Dan Levy for a number of years. They are very creative, passionate people and it was great to see how many folks showed up to support their efforts. Juice Magazine is one of the last of the true independent skate magazines out there. CW salutes their efforts and looks forward to the 150th issue party. Thank you Juice for your kindness and great hospitality Dan Levy, Terri Craft of Juice with skate legends Dennis Martinez and Brandon Cruz. Peggy Oki and Patti McGee. Patti is pointing to her just received LFP pin.  Surf pioneer Christian Fletcher with Robert Trujillo of Metallica.  Venice is second to Disneyland in terms of tourism.  The strip on the beach is an unreal experience and truly should be on your bucket list. The problem for Venice right now is that Snapchat is taking over. They are spending millions bringing Snapchatters to work and live there. They even have their own security force. It is making locals nervous and I can see why. Huntington Beach is “Surf City USA” and has no issues attracting tourists. Although I have been in HB many times, I have never seen the “world’s largest surfboard.” So, in the spirit of being a tourist, we’ll leave you with these images! I want to thank Don Fisher for his kindness and we look forward to creating some great memories in the weeks, months and years to come.