Aluminati announces the addition of the Bullnose Deck to its line up. This is a 30” deck features 3/8 inch concave as well as channels to advance performance while maintaining strength, flexibility and uniqueness.  The Bullnose deck shape draws inspiration from vintage cruisers but adds modern technology and is now available with any Aluminati graphic of your choice.For more information, please visit here THE WORLD’S FIRST BULLETPROOF SKATEBOARD We received an email last week from Griffin Burke. At the age of the 19, he’s created a bulletproof skateboard that students can use as a shield to defend themselves in the event of a school shooting. “I was inspired to come up with a solution to this epidemic shortly after the tragic shooting at UCLA. My college roommate and I were discussing what we would do if caught in such a situation.” Griffin’s answer was to create the bulletproof skateboard. “It is the only viable protection for students” says Griffin. “Students already face enough pressure in school, worrying about a school shooting shouldn’t be one of them. My skateboard is only ½ inch thick but is capable of stopping a .44 magnum.” Griffin calls his board company Turtle Boards. So far, only one taker at Kickstarter.
 ROLL FOR PEACE In honor of September 21, the International Day of Peace, we will be holding an event called Roll for Peace on September 16. Thanks to Luke Ayata of the Shralper’s Union and Sean Powell of Whatever Skateboards, things are rolling. Here is the facebook page: