One of the greatest things about running this magazine has been to see first hand how the  past catches up to the present. FORTY years ago, Wizard Wheels hit the skate scene and tons of kids just like me were enchanted by the prospects. The promise was captivating…MAKE TRACKS WITH WIZARD WHEELS. The wheels were supremely coveted and very hard to find in Canada. It didn’t help the wheel manufacturer had a fire and lost everything. The old wheel (left)  with the newly improved version. These past twenty years or so has seen wheel technology really evolve. Kudos to all the companies out there getting creative with urethane.  I am stoked to see something of my skate childhood come full circle. In talking with the folks at Wizard Wheels, this whole rebirth of the brand is a tribute to their grandfather – who years ago realized that skateboarding at its core was all about fun. For those of you who are interested in reliving this magical memory of your skate youth, a kickstarter campaign has started today.